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reflections on teaching and traveling, the love circle

before coming to Amsterdam, where i am currently holding the space for my dear friend Sasha, i figured something could be written to those that i was about to meet and spend time with.

below you will find it.

there is a complexity in the selected but wide spectrum of my relationships that fascinates me, that motivates me and that reaffirms how important is this spiderweb, this net that has been woven around my life. i want to keep embracing this complexity while staying curious and open, it is work, hard work but definitely worthy.

also this letter was my own reflection around taking over someone else's mysore room, how i wanted to behave and how i wish these teachings were shared: with respect, honesty, real presence and no social media and show off.

this is a post that does not respect the main thread of this blog: a "two handed writing" as this blog was born to share what Giacomo and i write together.

but i figured that given that i have been collaborating deeply and delightfully with Sasha (there will be soon a writing that we worked on together here) this letter could make her way in considering that images and layout were layout with her brilliance.

© Amanda Marquez

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